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The delicious PAULA pudding impresses all its big and small fans with its 'cool' splodges look and great taste. Find out more about Paula’s product variety with different tastes and for different occasions. To make sure the pudding always tastes great, Paula has been adapting the pudding to the tastes and changing requirements over the years. For example, she adds less sugar and saturated fat to her pudding and adds additional milk protein products. This way, Paula tastes super delicious and achieves the Nutri-Score B at the same time.

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Paula's Pudding

The different, selected ingredients and of course the cool spots make Paula's pudding what it is today. Paula is constantly working to make her pudding taste better and better. So that children find it at least as good today as the children did in the past, she has continuously adapted her pudding to their wishes. 

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And although Paula has a real sweet tooth, she has gradually stirred less sugar into her pudding over the past few years. She has also been able to reduce the fat content. At least two reasons that qualify Paula for the Nutri-Score B.

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How do the splodges get into the pudding?

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PAULA not only tastes cool, PAULA looks cool too! The pudding in the shape of cow splodges doesn't just delight young fans, parents and grandparents, other foodies also love the spotted pudding. But how exactly do the splodges actually get into the pudding?

First, the ingredients such as whole milk, sugar, cocoa and starch are processed into the different pudding varieties vanilla and chocolate.

To ensure that the splodges retain their typical PAULA shape and do not "run" or look crooked, the pudding has a special consistency and the two types of pudding are filled into the cups using a special technique. However, this is top secret and remains Paula's secret.

Now the PAULA cup is ready and is tightly closed with a lid (a so-called "sealing lid”). This is important so that no air gets to the pudding and it doesn't turn bad. This way, the product lasts for more than a month in the refrigerator.

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