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In addition to a good taste, the origin of the ingredients and a nutritional balance are important to Paula. Also, Paula is proud to be a part of Dr. Oetker, as the family business is committed to social projects.

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The Nutri Score becomes a more and more popular assistance for grocery shopping and the final choice of product. Also, Paula recently has introduced the Nutri-Score to her products. But what does Nutri-Score actually mean and what does it tell you? 

What is the Nutri-Score and what does Nutri-Score B mean?

The Nutri-Score is a labelling system for the nutritional quality of processed foods. It always compares the nutritional quality of the same food categories. The traffic light with its five levels from green to red can now be found on many packages. Both the colour and the letters from A to E give you a first impression of how balanced the nutrition of this food is. Foods that are rated positive, i.e. with a green A or B, are those that contain many good nutritional values such as protein, fibre, fruit, vegetables, nuts and certain oils. Foods marked with a red E or orange D, on the other hand, have a less favourable nutritional balance. This is often due to the high amounts of sugar, salt and saturated fatty acids per 100 g of product.

The advantage of the Nutri-Score: you can decide more quickly. You can now compare PAULA with other puddings at a glance.

Paula also wants to make grocery shopping easier by printing the Nutri-Score. By the way, with the new recipe, PAULA pudding can carry a Nutri-Score B in the green range. This is due to the recipe with less sugar and saturated fatty acids and additional milk protein product. 

Special features

With the new recipe, Paula naturally adheres to not add any preservatives to her puddings. One exception is the vanilla-flavoured pudding with strawberry, where the special colouring of the Strawberry pudding cannot be made without preservatives so far. Paula also makes sure that a lot of whole milk goes into her puddings - 43 % to 80 %, depending on the variety. For a good nutritional balance, she has recently added milk protein products to her recipe.

Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance is a non-profit organisation that works for a more sustainable world on a social and market level. The aim is to improve the living conditions of farmers, workers and their families, to preserve nature and to protect the environment. Paula carries the Rainforest Alliance seal on its packaging* because only certified cocoa is used in its products (*for all varieties with chocolate pudding). Learn more about certified cocoa.

SOS Children's Village

Giving a feeling of home: Guided by this basic idea, Dr. Oetker has a multifaceted partnership with SOS-Kinderdorf e.V. since 2008. The globally active organisation is committed to a central goal: "Every child should grow up in a family - loved, respected, supported and protected". Dr. Oetker supports this effort and provides financial assistance for various new construction and modernisation measures for homes in the SOS Children's Villages and affiliated family cafés. The company also contributes to the ongoing maintenance costs of facilities. The focus, however, is on experiencing and creating diverse activities together - for the children and with the children. Support for SOS-Kinderdorf e. V. is not linked to the sale of Dr. Oetker products.

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